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What is the difference between us and all the other "CrossFit" gym in the area?

  1. We are one of the very 1st "CrossFit" gym in LA opening our doors in 2008.  We have the most experience in coaching of CrossFit PERIOD. This is very important for your workout and more importantly your safety.
  2. We are a professional business with full staff and services open during all business hours.  Most CrossFit gyms are a one man operation with no customer service and often closes in between classes which can be very annoying when you have questions or need help with your membership.  
  3. We offer A LOT MORE than just CrossFit!  We know that most people want and should do different type of exercises and workouts to not only always give your body something new but also to keep things fun and interesting.  We offer Heavybag/kickboxing cardio classes, Krav Maga Self-Defense,  Bootcamp style, yoga, weightlifting, and more options for you to have fun with.  
  4. Did we mention we have the BIGGEST and the BEST facility?  It's over 12000 sq. ft. with the top of the line equipment and toys!

LYFE Fitness is the original and still the best Fitness/CrossFit facility in the Valley opening our doors in 2008.  Because of our extensive experience, we provide the very best coaching and a safe environment for all our members especially to the beginners.  In 2014 we expanded our facility to become one of the biggest privately operated fitness gyms in Valley with over 12000 sq. ft. of clean and state of the art training space along with many new programs/classes for everyone to enjoy!

LYFE Fitness Complex offers more than 8 different fitness programs / classes for everyone from beginners to professional athletes.  Programs include:

  • CrossFit - Weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio all mixed into a fun and challenging 60 mins class.  This is great for anyone looking to get the most out of your body and increasing their performance for a specific sport or for every day life.
  • SpeedX Interval - 60 mins of circuit training / bootcamp style class great for anyone looking for an intense workout without the heavy weights.
  • Krav Maga  - Self defense program used by Special forces  / military and Law enforcement all around the world.  No-nonesence approach to self defense and easy to learn for anyone regardless of gender, age, or size. It's also a great workout! If you like punching and kicking stuff, you'll love it!
  • SpeedX Heavybag - 60 mins of super intense class comprised of body weight workouts + kick boxing combinations on the heavybag.
  • Barbell Strength - Class dedicated to getting strong with weightlifting. Great for anyone looking to build strength, learn and improve technique in all of the major lifts (bench, squat, press, etc).
  • Yoga - Focusing on mobility and recovery for our athletes. This is not a quite and slow yoga.
  • Takano Weightlifting - Specializing in Olympic Weightlifting, Coach Takano and his staff are the highest level of coaches in the US. Great for anyone who wants to learn and improve their Olympic weightlifting techniques, Strength&Conditioning training for sports, or a compete in the sport of Weightlifting with Team Takano Athletics. This is separate membership.
  • Also offer kids program along with Personal Training for the most customizable and direct results.

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LYFE Fitness Complex

6036 Variel Avenue  Woodland Hills, CA  91367


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