Athlete Spotlight - Erica Sturges

From the top... my nickname as a very little one "gordita" which translates to "chubby", my nickname as a young child "flaca" which translates to "skinny"... and so begins the cycle of weight gain and weight loss that most women experience deep into their adult lives.

Instead of dwelling on body image and all the issues that come along with that (confidence,self-respect, feeling sexy) I thought the more important part of my fitness journey to share would be the role of community in the "fit" lifestyle. Plainly stated, community is why I joined Team Crossfit/Lyfe Fitness and why I aim to spend as much of my time as possible there. It's why I dragged Jeff into it, it's why we signed Sofie up for the kids classes.

We are so blessed to belong to such a welcoming, supportive and genuinely loving community. I'll never forget the warm welcome I received on Christmas eve of 2014 when I wrote to James and asked if I could drop-in. In my 40 years on this planet I've learned that you must enjoy every life experience, good and bad. I wake up everyday thinking about when I will be able to move my body. Sometimes it's in the gym, other times it's in a family dance party in the living room, and sometimes it's at my desk when that beat drops!

I have nothing but love for everyone at TCF/LYFE, the coaches, staff and members, I truly love you all and what we stand for as a community. I often wonder what kind of problems we could solve given our collective consciousness, various roles in the community and areas of expertise. We'd be a pretty awesome company that I know for sure!

Please love yourself and love each other! That's all there is to it!