Cynthia G.

Why I joined the six week challenge is to mentally challenge myself to get onto a healthier regime. I’m 5’2 and pretty athletic and have never solely focused or emphasized too much on my weight. When I actually weighed in I realized I was 139 pounds. This was a reality check and I realized I had some work to do for myself. The day of the weigh in I told myself I’m starting now! That was a fail right away. It took me about 4 days before I could slowly get myself on a routine. I realized I had to set realistic goals for myself. I told myself I’d aim for 2lbs a week. How do I do this when I’m around my family who constantly eat plentiful meals, kids who always have snacks and sweets, and have a social life? What I did was focused on the Paleo diet as a guideline by staying away from grains, dairy, and sweets, and alcohol. I slowing increased my intake of veggies, fruits, protein, and lots of water. What helped me the most was meal prepping. How I overcame temptation was being prepared. During family dinners I’d have my own meals equipped with what I could eat. I rotated from chickens, beef, and seafood and side dishes that consisted of eggs (lots of eggs), avocados (good fat), mixed veggies and salad. I’m not a great cook but thank god for the internet and being able to Google “Easy Paleo Meals” Slowly but surely I started seeing some progress.

After the third week, I realized my weight wasn’t moving. People suggested I try a cheat meal to shock the body. Cheat? All this hard work and what if I fall back into the same routine? This was a constant battle I had with myself. Food is addictive and if I have one cheat meal how do differentiate between a cheat day, or a cheat week. I gave in and had a protein style burger from In and Out with a few fries (fried food! Nom!!) Was it amazing? Yes, but only for a minute. I realized after eating it I could do without it. I was actually more excited to get back to eating healthy and staying consistent with my diet. I also stopped weighing myself because I didn’t want to discourage myself if I didn’t get the results I wanted that week so I just focused on my end goal.

Trying to lose weight at my size is not as easy as most would think, so I knew I had to work harder. I worked out hard! I went to Crossfit consistently and as I started feeling healthier and stronger from my healthier eating habits I increased my work out. During the week I would do a blend of Crossfit, Kickboxing for increased cardio and yoga for recovery. I realized I was becoming more addicted to working out then junk food, a much healthier habit. Why I became so addicted to working out is also the support system. Being around a team of people who can encourage you and support you through a difficult process is half the battle. People asking me about my progress and talking me through my challenges really helped me stay motivated. You have to have a support system! Even my family started having healthier meals around to help encourage me to the end. Rather than complaining and thinking I can’t do this I started changing my mentality and mind set into thinking no one wants it more than I do. During the last two weeks of the challenge is when I stayed strict to the Paleo diet. Sweets and junk food didn’t faze me anymore. Once you get over the temptation your body doesn’t really crave it anymore. 6 weeks had gone by and I weighed in at 122lbs and lost 3 inches around the waist. It felt good to win but more importantly it felt really good to get into a healthier habit. It’s not a challenge anymore it’s a lifestyle.




Jordan H.

I have been a member of TCF for four years, and I really look forward to the 6-week challenges as a “tune up” for my health and fitness.  I participated in three previous 6-week challenges, with modest results each time.  I was particularly motivated this year because I weighed the most I had ever weighed in my life (243 lbs.). Despite training at Crossfit several times a week, I continued to gain weight. I felt sluggish during most WODs, and I knew I needed to change my diet.  For the challenge, I followed the paleo diet, consuming mostly lean meats and vegetables.  Within the first week, I started to see results and I felt much more energetic during the WODs.  Six weeks and thirty-five pounds later, I feel better than ever.  Thanks to the TCF crew and members for supporting me through the challenge; I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement.




***Results may vary from person to person***